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Used Saddles over $3500


Schleese Wave Dressage 18" Seat, XW. Shoulder Relief, Reverse Wedge. Developed for shorter backed, big wither, larked shouldered horse. Mint Condition, lightly used for only 3 months.

$ Inquire


Sankey Dressage (Brown), MW-W, 18". Matching Girths (CAIR & Sankey), Matching Leathers.

Used Saddles Under $2500

Kentaur Naxos, MW, 18" Jump


Hastilow 18" Cross-Country Monoflap Jump, Interchangeable Gullet System, comes with Wide. Total reflock within last 6 months. Comes with Matching girth. 

Hastilow Dressage 18", Monoflap, MW-W. $ Inquire

Hastilow Dressage 17.5", MW, $ Inquire